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Losing a loved one is devastating. During the process of mourning your 失去,你可能会被要求开始遗嘱认证程序来解决你的爱 one's estate. 鉴于你的案子的严重性和敏感性,我们 strongly advise you to immediately retain Bowler Dixon & Twitchell LLP.

我们在拉斯维加斯的律师会以同样的关怀和尊重对待你 you deserve. 我们获得了最高的收视率,并且有超过50年的 experience. 我们将引导你们了解法律制度的复杂性 and help you make informed decisions with all of your estate planning.

What Is Probate?

如果你或你的家人没有立遗嘱就去世了,他们的 estate is distributed according to Nevada’s laws. The state will 指定个人负责纳税和其他债务 that are owed.

在分配资产之前,它们必须经过遗嘱验证. All the deeds, valuables, and money will be calculated together. Outstanding debts and 税金将被支付,剩余的资产将被给予之后 state laws.

如果一个人没有继承人,国家将占有他们的资产 and property. 他们必须等6年才能找到继承人 as the State’s.

建议联系有经验的遗产规划和遗嘱认证 让律师充分利用你所花费的财产和资产 a lifetime working for.


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We can compassionately guide you through probate. Contact our firm at (702) 703-6998 for exceptional legal guidance. Our attorneys serve Las Vegas, Henderson, and the surrounding areas.

The Probate Process With/Without a Will

当后代留下最后的遗嘱时,遗嘱查验过程就容易多了 that has been created prior to their passing. The court will review the 遗嘱的内容是什么. On the other hand, 如果他们没有留下遗嘱,受益人将继承遗产 assets in accordance with Nevada’s laws. In order to oversee the 遗嘱认证程序并确认资产的分配 administrator is chosen.

At Bowler Dixon & Twitchell LLP we ensure each of our clients are given 选择遗嘱取决于他们独特的情况. Our Las Vegas 遗嘱认证律师会回答你的任何问题. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Which Probate Process Works For Your Estate?

遗嘱认证是一个法律程序,法院决定如何分割 财产归家庭成员和亲人的受益人 passed. 如果有遗嘱,指定为遗嘱执行人的人将遗嘱 see that all of the assets are properly distributed.

内华达州的法律根据财产的价值来管理财产的分配 and its size. 也许没有必要通过解决较小的地产 probate, as an example. If you need assistance familiarizing yourself with all 详情,不要犹豫,请向我们的拉斯维加斯律师寻求帮助.


  • 2万美元以下的遗产:提交一份权利宣誓书
  • 10万美元以下的遗产:使用“未经管理的保留”程序
  • 价值超过10万美元但低于20万美元的遗产:简易管理程序
  • Estates above $200, 000: full administration

如你所见,财产越大,需要的 you. 我们很乐意与您讨论这些要求 for your individual probate matter. We can guide you through every step 从收集任何必要的文档,例如您的 loved one’s will, to the appointment of an executor.

When Should You Get The Court Involved?

房地产管理通常是一个缓慢的过程,包括查看 (二)依照法律和被继承人的财产进行分割 wishes. 一般行政管理涉及资产分类 trust 然后根据被继承人的遗嘱(或无遗嘱)将它们传下去 statutes if there is no will).

一般来说,遗嘱检验会委任一位近亲成员处理,除非 被继承人在遗嘱中指定了一个特定的人作为遗嘱执行人.

在安排遗产遗嘱认证时,当事人需要选择是否 are going to opt for supervised or unsupervised administration. 监督管理将涉及法院,并将作出 a Las Vegas lawyer on your side even more crucial.

We suggest that you get the court involved if:

  • There are disputes about the will's validity
  • The will contains vague, disputable language
  • Beneficiaries disagree on the estate's administration
  • 死者死时没有留下遗嘱,谁是继承人不得而知
  • 房地产包含难以估价或出售的资产

如果遗产有偿付能力,不受监督的管理是允许的 意味着它的资产超过了债务,如果遗嘱允许的话. 此外,所有遗嘱继承人必须同意无监督管理. 需要由法院指定的遗嘱执行人来处理行政事宜 并出售所有资产,无需请求法院批准 for decisions.

Documents To Bring To Your Probate Attorney

如果你正在为遗产申请遗嘱认证,你将被要求提供 你的遗嘱检验律师拿着你已故亲人的文件 during your first appointment. You will need to bring the following with you:

  • The Death Certificate

  • Most Recent Bank Statement

  • Retirement Statements

  • Contact Information of Relatives

  • Original Will/Trust

  • Assets Documents

How Long Does Probate Take In Nevada?

遗嘱认证过程通常需要120-180天完成. 这使得有必要的时间通知债权人,并给予他们 opportunity to file a claim. However, the process will be extended if complications were to arise.


如果你没有在至亲去世后申请遗嘱认证 他们的财产需要它,他们的受益人将不能 receive their inheritance. The deceased’s assets will be frozen and held in limbo.没有遗嘱认证,任何人都无权访问, sell or transfer any of the assets.

这是有益的,以确定如果遗嘱认证是需要后,有人 has died. Our probate attorney at Bowler Dixon & Twitchell LLP is 这里将指导您通过对您有效的过程. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation.

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